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About Enforcer Molds

Enforcer was built out of necessity rather than a shop looking for work  . Around my area it was tough to find good soft plastic baits  , I fish a lot and the need to make my own baits was very obvious at the time . The intention was to make molds that would up my game on the water .


Over time one thing lead to another and Enforcer Bait Molds was born .


I wanted to provide a customer service that catered hobby bait makers and to provide that service to my customers in a way that I would want if I was a customer .

I often receive emails and 2 words that are commonly used is "you guys " . While this is a family owned business there is actually only me doing the work , and I do everything from start to finish when it comes to dealing with the orders , new designs etc .

I am now into 10 years of bait molds and  I've created many designs . I continue to focus on dreaming up and creating the ultimate holy grail of bass baits , maybe the impossible but I'm working on it anyhow . First and foremost is still to up my game on the water . I still have my favorite crank baits and I still love a heddon torpedo at the right time , but when it comes to plastics I design what I think I will need , and many of these ideas are thought out while I am on the water .

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to gain a solid customer base  at which many are keen to see what next comes out of my shop . Without their support I wouldn't be here doing what I am , and I am very grateful .


Thank you for your support , And with your continued support Enforcer Bait Molds will continue to be here for at least another 10 years , while trying to bring you interesting new designs and products  

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